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Why Leadership Choice for Your Coaching and Training?

At Leadership Choice, we’re not just a high-impact leadership training and coaching company – we’re pioneers in reshaping the landscape of effective training and coaching. Our seasoned team of veteran leadership coaches and facilitators is at the forefront of this transformation, redefining the standards for impactful leadership development.

When companies seek superior outcomes and enduring results without draining their resources, they turn to Leadership Choice. We partner with organizations to provide highly effective leadership coaching, catering to leaders at every level, from front line to the executive suite. Whether through comprehensive high potential leadership programs or targeted individual workshops, we tailor our approach to meet the unique needs of each organization.

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Coaching & Training Program Outcomes

More Effective Communication

Easy-to-learn techniques and mindsets help participants walk away with immediately-applicable communication skills.

Improve Relationships

Use more effective communication to improve relationships within the organization as well as with stakeholders, vendors, and clients.

Improve Team Productivity

Higher Productivity

Employees who care about and enjoy their jobs work harder and get more done. Engaged teams have lower absenteeism and are less likely to waste time while at work.

Increase Productivity

Better performing teams means you get more done faster and have better client relationships, which can increase sales, tighten margins, and increase profitability.

Employee Engagement

Improve employee engagement, decrease turnover, and experience a more positive team environment.

high potential development

Maximize Employee Talent

By better understanding communication patterns your teams can better harness their talents and the talents of others.

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Our Approach to Achieve 3x Better Post-Training Results.


A) Proven Program Model

It all starts with our training program model. Our scentifically proven method utilizes a “flipped classroom” approach, interactive learning, and strategic follow-up to increase retention.


B) 1-on-1 Coaching

This is the game changer! Each training participant gets a one-on-one coach to guide them through the training process. This helps to individualize curriculum & maximize on-the-job application.


C) Flexible Delivery

Training should support responsibilities, not detract from them. We work around participants’ schedules in flexible segments to support their work, not distract from it. Training is delivered in a classroom, live-virtual, on-demand, or hybrid format.

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