Over 50%
of workplace challenges are due to inefficient communication

work with a professional leadership coach


Discovery Coaching Experience

coaching for individuals

“Discovery Coaching Experience” (coaching for individuals) is a coaching experience where your dedicated leadership coach quick starts your development journey by unraveling the invaluable insights and takeaways derived from the two assessments. Becoming exceptional requires a blend of honed skills, a deep reservoir of knowledge, and practical, real-world applications.

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Benefits of Discovery Coaching Experience

Experience Working with a Leadership Coach | Maximize Communication and Emotional Intelligence Skills | Learn How Others Perceive Your Communication | Learn to Lead Under Pressure

What Our Discovery Coaching Clients Say

“For the past 14 years, I’ve collaborated with Leadership Choice with various organizations where I have led the HR function. The reason our partnership endures is the consistent delivery of value through top-notch content, seamless processes, personalized coaching, and an unwavering dedication to achieving stellar outcomes. It’s not just a partnership; it’s a journey toward better outcomes.”

Debbi Lannon-Smith
Chief Human Resource Officer

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Coaching Individuals

Build leadership & communication skills.

+70% Increase in Individual Performance

+50% Increase in Team Performance

+48% Increase in Organizational Performance

Make the case for discovery coaching

Gain insight into how you prefer to communicate, how others perceive your communication, and how you communicate and lead under pressure with our iConnect Communications Assessment & Feedback Report. Also included is the EQ-I 2.0 Emotional Intelligence Assessment & Feedback Report. Once the assessments are completed, participants will engage with their leadership coach for a two-hour virtual coaching session.

Upon completion, we invite you to continue working with your coach on a 4-month or 6-month coaching experience.

Make the Case To your Organization for Discovery Coaching Experience (Professional Coaching for Individuals)

Structure of Discovery Coaching Experience

Individuals wanting engage in an introductory coaching experience with a focus on communications and emotional intelligence


Who is this for?

Executive and Senior Leaders wanting to develop their executive skills


How long is it?

2-hours of coaching


What’s the format?

Live or Virtual

Program Overview:

  • Complete the iConnect communications assessment
  • Complete the EQi emotional intelligence assessment
  • One-on-one 2-hour meeting with a leadership coach to review reports and discuss application