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Accelerate Self-Awareness & Develop Core Skills


Connecting for Leaders

leadership training for new leaders

“Connecting For Leaders” is our program for new leaders that expands participant’s effectiveness. By accelerating self-awareness around personal strengths and the communication dynamics associated with managing others, participants will explore and purposefully identify their own leadership brand. Participants learn to “multiply self” by delegating more effectively, to increase team efficiency, time management, enhance team skills, provide feedback, and coach others.

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Benefits of Connecting for Leaders

Accelerate Self-Awareness of Personal Strengths | Understand Communication Dynamics of Managing Others | Recognize Own Leadership Brand | Increase Team Efficiency

What Our Clients Say

“Teaming up with Leadership Choice has proven to be a fantastic journey for our high-potential leaders. They not only engage in excellent training but also benefit from personalized sessions with top-notch leadership coaches. Working with them is a breeze – reliable, trustworthy, and drama-free.”

Vania Pacheco
Learning & Development Manager

Award Winning Leadership Training

Discover the transformative power of our leadership training. Our programs are designed to unlock unprecedented levels of personal and professional growth. See our leadership training options:

Connecting For Leaders

Connecting For Leaders expands participant’s effectiveness as a leader. By accelerating self-awareness around personal strengths and the communication dynamics associated with managing others, participants will explore and purposefully identify their own leadership brand.

Training for Experienced Leaders

Advanced Leadership Training: Leaders will gain personal insight, learning how to more effectively lead individuals and teams. Participants will become better problem solvers and make better decisions and become a more influential leader. Leaders will advance their ability to get their ideas heard through making more effective presentations.

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Training for High-Potentials

Customized High-Potential Training: We craft leadership journeys that cultivate the skills and mindsets necessary for your top talents to embrace expanded leadership responsibilities in an ever-changing landscape. We leverage a diverse array of learning approaches and techniques, melding our established leadership frameworks with tailored components to create a journey that instills the competencies essential for your business objectives, ethos, and talent priorities.

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Training for Teams

Building High Performance Teams: This interactive team building communication workshop is an in-person program where a communication expert guides teams through skill sets and mindsets to help them communicate more effectively, overcome conflict, maximize talent, and increase productivity.

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+22% Productivity Change From Training Alone

+88% Productivity With Training & Coaching

Make the case for Connecting For Leaders

Participants and their sponsoring organizations alike see immediate results, including greater flexibility and means less time in the classroom and more time applying key concepts on the job. Personal coaching promotes individualized learning by giving participants steady, sustained support to ensure concepts are understood and applied.

Make the business case to conduct leadership Training for your new leaders

Structure of Our Connecting for Leaders Training


Who is this for?

Potential, new, and existing leaders in the same organization.


How long is it?

Standard program takes 2-3 hours a week over 10-12 weeks.


What’s the format?

In-person, Live Virtual, Hybrid (most popular), or On-Demand.

Program Overview:

  • There are four workshops, one completed approximately every 3 weeks.
  • Prior to each workshop participants will complete various tasks including completing an assessment, downloading and completing an interactive workbook.
  • Participate the in-person or virtual workshop.
  • Following each workshop, participants will have an individualized one-on-one meeting with their assigned leadership coach to discuss the application and implementation of each leadership workshop.