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Our individual workshops offer a variety of topics for those seeking professional growth. We also offer the most flexible programs in the industry with traditional classrooms, live-virtual, and on-demand programs. Our virtual workshops are led by live-instructors and can be accessed across multiple devices including tablets or smartphones.

Persuasive Communicating

Workshop – Connecting with People

Connecting With People upgrades your communications foundation with greater self-awareness of your own Communication Patterns. It strengthens your understanding of how to work with others. And it helps you put this new understanding to work on the job.

Details: Persuasive Communicating Workshop

Inspiring Trust and Confidence


The Inspiring Trust and Confidence Workshop teaches participants how to take ownership of their career using the concepts and principles of personal branding.

Details: Inspiring Trust and Confidence Workshop

Effectively Delegating


The Delegating Workshop helps the participant understand the importance of delegating frequently and effectively to improve team performance, use time more efficiently, and to motivate and develop others.

Details: Effectively Delegating Workshop

Performance Coaching


This workshop offers an effective way for managers to learn the performance coaching skill set which includes how to provide feedback and direction to a direct report, and how to support them in continuously improving and achieving business results.

Details: Performance Coaching Workshop

Understanding Emotional Intelligence


This workshop blends the scientific insights of the EQ-i 2.0 Client Report with a hands-on approach to assess your current leadership position, chart your desired leadership journey, and identify the EQ leadership competencies you should reinforce and cultivate.

Details: Understanding Emotional Intelligence Workshop

Effectively Solving Problems


The Problem Solving and Decision-Making Workshop teaches participants how to more effectively approach problem solving and decision making by providing tools and techniques that can be implemented in the workplace.

Details: Effectively Solving Problems Workshop

Influencing for Results


This unique Influencing workshop will teach managers and leaders how to frame and shape perceptions for innovation and organizational change regardless of scope and scale.

Details: Influencing for Results Workshop

Presenting to Decision Makers


The Presenting to Decision Makers course is about how to plan, prepare, and present a presentation that is organized, flows well, and meets the information and communication needs of your audience.

Details: Presenting to Decision Makers Workshop

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