Connecting with People

Persuasive communicating

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The Connecting With People (persuasive communicating) workshop upgrades your communications foundation with greater self-awareness of your own Communication Patterns. It strengthens your understanding of how to work with others. And it helps you put this new understanding to work on the job.

Workshop includes The iConnect Assessment, a highly effective yet simple tool that results in individuals and teams that are more productive and effective as they learn more about their communication patterns.

Persuasive Communicating Workshop Details:

  • Establish the Foundation for Better Communication
  • Gain Self-Awareness of Your Communication Patterns
  • Understand How to Work with Others
  • Create Greater Team Alignment
  • Recognize People’s Communication Preferences

Flexible Learning Options:

  • Highly engaging workshops ranging from full to half day classroom workshops or 90-minute live virtual workshops supported by our unique interactive workbooks.
persuasive communicating workshop details

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