Organizational change is an inevitable phase that companies undergo to adapt, grow, and remain competitive. However, steering a team through these waters requires a resilient leader—one who can withstand the tides of change while keeping the ship on course. A resilient leader is equipped with the skills to not only manage change but to thrive […]

Leadership expert Dave Boizelle discusses the formula he uses to design successful high-potential leadership programs.   After many years of designing and delivering a Leadership Acceleration Program in partnership with a leader in the industry, I have come to appreciate 6 key factors that can determine HiPo leadership program success.   Creating A Successful HiPo […]

The Importance of Team Communication in the Workplace Leadership Choice begins each of our leadership training and coaching programs with an iConnect Communication Assessment and, in most cases, a Connecting With People workshop. Entering into a training or coaching environment after attending a Connecting With People workshop means participants are in the mindset of understanding […]

Hiring a Leadership Coach There are several reasons a leader may consider hiring a leadership coach. New, inexperienced, or high-potential leaders may hire a leadership coach to learn essential leadership skills or gain confidence in a new leadership role. Seasoned leaders may hire a leadership coach to overcome a plateau, solve a specific challenge, or […]