As the year draws to a close, you might find yourself facing the annual ritual of the year-end review. This time can feel daunting, filled with evaluations that focus narrowly on metrics and performance. But what if you could shift this experience from a source of stress to an opportunity for genuine growth and inspiration? […]

One factor consistently stands out as a catalyst for success: effective team collaboration. Yet, like a ship navigating stormy seas, teams often need a guiding light to chart their course. This light often emanates from strong and effective leadership. Leaders, with the right skills and mindset, have the power to transform teams from mere groups […]

Record low unemployment levels alongside shifts in employment options available through freelance work are increasingly making it difficult for companies to hold on to their best talent. A large chunk of the workforce walking out represents employees who’ve hit the wall. These are employees who feel they have the potential to accomplish more but lack […]

Building and leading successful teams is essential for any business leader. However, creating high-performance teams is easier said than done. These six steps will help you build a more effective team. Define Roles and Responsibilities One of the first steps to creating a successful team is to define the roles and responsibilities of each team […]

Many leaders think of leadership skill and creativity as two disparate concepts. However, good leaders know that creativity is key to innovation and success. A leader who can inspire creativity can help their team achieve great things. So, how can a good leader inspire creativity? Here are some ideas to get started: Encourage Creativity With […]

We all have that one colleague. The one who is incredibly talented at their job, but equally difficult to work with. Maybe they’re always challenging the status quo or prematurely pushing for more responsibility. Whatever the case, managing these types of employees can be a real challenge. But, it’s important to remember that just because […]

Empowering employees means giving your team members permission to take action and make decisions within your organization. It also means there is trust and understanding in place to ensure these actions are in line with company goals.   The Importance of Empowering Employees Empowering employees is important for growing a sustainable business. While many companies […]

by Patrick Bosworth Managing Brilliant Employees Even an outstanding team of engineers, computer programmers, developers, or systems designers will only be as effective as their leader allows them to be. After nearly two decades of experience working alongside brilliant (and nerdy) professionals in technology companies, it’s become quite clear that an organization’s success is less dependent on […]

by Dave Boizelle     Best Practices for Leadership Delegation Delegating is a necessity in today’s fast-paced, multitasking work environments. In fact, in a recent Gallup study about delegation and leader talent profiles, researchers found that organizations run by CEOs with high delegator talent grew 112 percentage points greater than those organizations run by CEOs with […]

by Patrick Bosworth   Common Leadership & Management Mistakes After nearly a decade of coaching leaders who have experienced great success but also blundered, bobbled, and blown it at times, I’ve found their greatest growth has come from spotting easily made mistakes that are often overlooked. I’ve found the difference between a good leader and a great […]