Business efficiency is all about maximizing team performance while minimizing business costs. With that goal in mind, it’s no wonder so many companies are making the switch to virtual training for leadership development. But things aren’t always what they seem in virtual training. Here’s what to look for.     Spotting Fakes: 3 Impostors, 3 […]

In the employee training and leadership development industry, we are seeing more and more companies transitioning to a virtual training environment. Virtual training is training that is completed online either in an on-demand or a instructor-led training environment. Many companies making the switch choose virtual training (or e-learning) because it is more flexible, more affordable, […]

6 Qualities of Effective Virtual Training I recently watched a speaker discuss the subject of empowerment. In this speech, he made the flippant comment that “virtual training” was an oxymoron. “Don’t you have to see the action to be trained by it?” the speaker posed? Is there really such a thing as effective virtual training? […]

by Patrick Bosworth   Effective Business Training & Development The “flipped learning” concept has broken into the leadership development and management training industry, but what exactly is “flipped learning” and what does an effective flipped classroom environment look like? In a flipped learning setting, students are given self-study materials that introduce a subject before any further learning takes place. […]