Navigating difficult conversations and conflicts in the workplace can be a challenging and uncomfortable experience. Whether you’re dealing with a disagreement between colleagues or a difficult conversation with a manager, these situations can leave you feeling stressed and anxious. However, learning how to navigate these situations effectively is a critical skill for building strong working […]

As the Center for Creative Leadership suggests, the most surefire way for a company to future-proof its leadership succession is to invest in high-potential leaders. Not to be confused with high-performers, high-potential employees are unique due to their adaptability and ability to influence their peers as leaders. Once these high-potential employees are identified for the leadership […]

Record low unemployment levels alongside shifts in employment options available through freelance work are increasingly making it difficult for companies to hold on to their best talent. A large chunk of the workforce walking out represents employees who’ve hit the wall. These are employees who feel they have the potential to accomplish more but lack […]

We all have that one colleague. The one who is incredibly talented at their job, but equally difficult to work with. Maybe they’re always challenging the status quo or prematurely pushing for more responsibility. Whatever the case, managing these types of employees can be a real challenge. But, it’s important to remember that just because […]

UPDATED (July 2024). Good communication is an important skill in any environment with human interactions. However, when it comes to communication in the workplace, good communication is an integral element to business success. In the workplace, good communication isn’t just about mitigating conflict (although that is an important benefit of communicating effectively). Good communication is […]

The Difference Between a Leader who Coaches & one who Directs Many management development approaches fail to distinguish between the two or suggest that there are only minor differences between the two leadership styles. However, the distinction may be greater than expected at first glance and can make a measurable difference not only in the […]

by Patrick Bosworth Why Communication is Important Organizations understanding that each team member has a different communication pattern and that each of these communication patterns is “good” and is primed for success. You can’t conduct business without words. That’s not a miraculous discovery–we’ve known communication is important to business for centuries. We know that when […]

by Dave Boizelle   Training High-Potential Leaders Individuals learn leadership lessons in unique and personal ways, often at unpredictable times. I was facilitating a high potential leadership team program when one of the participants interrupted me and blurted out, “I get it! I finally get it!” The class came to a halt. I turned to him […]

Communication in the workplace is one of the most influential aspects of business success or failure. A well-communicating team can move mountains together, while a poorly-communicating team can unintentionally (or intentionally) sabotage success.   Effective Communication in the Workplace Improving communication in your teams is one of the most important changes your organization can take. […]

Communication-Based Learning in the Workplace Why are communication patterns important in effective management training?   Here at Leadership Choice, all of our training programs begin with our Connecting With People Workshop. Not only does this workshop give each participant insight into their own personal communication patterns, but it also gives them the mindsets and skillsets […]