Motivating Employees without Just Raising their Salary If you’ve ever been sucked into a conversation about compensation—yours or anyone else’s—you’ve probably heard the seemingly never-ending debate around what motivates people most. While there are many ways of rewarding good behavior, are commissions and other extrinsic financial rewards all we’ve got to work with here? Where […]

The Flipped Classroom Model & Why It’s Important in Long-Term Success by Patrick Bosworth Are You Dooming your Employee Development to Failure? The Flipped Classroom Model & Why it’s Important in Long-Term Success   More and more professional learning experts are switching to a “Flipped Classroom” teaching style which utilizes preliminary self-study before an actual […]

by Patrick Bosworth   Effective Business Training & Development The “flipped learning” concept has broken into the leadership development and management training industry, but what exactly is “flipped learning” and what does an effective flipped classroom environment look like? In a flipped learning setting, students are given self-study materials that introduce a subject before any further learning takes place. […]

While studies show most HR professionals and executives are dissatisfied with their current performance management system, the solution may not be as simple as eliminating performance reviews.

by Patrick Bosworth     Why you Have the Wrong Idea About Delegating Leaders should focus on delegation as a means for developing their team, engaging members in long-term company success, achieving more loyalty and effectiveness, and increasing overall job satisfaction.     From Hassle to Asset Delegating can be a hassle. Trust me, I get […]