by Patrick Bosworth A leadership profile designates the attributes a leader within your company should have. It becomes not only the checklist used during the hiring or promotion process, but is also used to evaluate current leaders and to predict talented up-and-coming future leaders within the company. Making the Right Decision When Hiring a Leader When you […]

The Difference Between a Leader who Coaches & one who Directs Many management development approaches fail to distinguish between the two or suggest that there are only minor differences between the two leadership styles. However, the distinction may be greater than expected at first glance and can make a measurable difference not only in the […]

by Patrick Bosworth Why Communication is Important Organizations understanding that each team member has a different communication pattern and that each of these communication patterns is “good” and is primed for success. You can’t conduct business without words. That’s not a miraculous discovery–we’ve known communication is important to business for centuries. We know that when […]

by Patrick Bosworth Improving Leadership Development Whether your 2022 business goals include increasing your revenue or sales and making your team more efficient, or delegating more responsibilities and opening up more time to grow your company, chances are your organization will be better equipped to achieve those goals with one crucial improvement: designing a more effective […]

by Dave Boizelle Leadership & Employee Development The secret of leader-led development and how to make it work for your organization For a lot of companies, training and development has become that one week out of the year where employees disappear for a day or two to learn a few new skills and come back pumped […]

by Dave Boizelle   Training High-Potential Leaders Individuals learn leadership lessons in unique and personal ways, often at unpredictable times. I was facilitating a high potential leadership team program when one of the participants interrupted me and blurted out, “I get it! I finally get it!” The class came to a halt. I turned to him […]

While studies show most HR professionals and executives are dissatisfied with their current performance management system, the solution may not be as simple as eliminating performance reviews.

Communication in the workplace is one of the most influential aspects of business success or failure. A well-communicating team can move mountains together, while a poorly-communicating team can unintentionally (or intentionally) sabotage success.   Effective Communication in the Workplace Improving communication in your teams is one of the most important changes your organization can take. […]

Business efficiency is all about maximizing team performance while minimizing business costs. With that goal in mind, it’s no wonder so many companies are making the switch to virtual training for leadership development. But things aren’t always what they seem in virtual training. Here’s what to look for.     Spotting Fakes: 3 Impostors, 3 […]