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Is Hiring a Leadership Coach Worth It?

August 31, 2022
By: Patrick Bosworth in the Leadership Development category.

“Are coaches worth it?”

“Why hire a leadership coach?”

“What can a leadership coach do that you can’t do yourself?”

These are the types of questions anyone looking to help their career might be asking. And for a good reason. Whenever we need assistance in our careers, we want to ensure that our time, money, and effort are all spent on something that will produce tangible results. We need effective coaching or training that is all substance, free of fluff, and will ultimately solve a pain point.

So, to answer that question — is hiring a leadership coach worth it?

When to Hire a Leadership Coach

Three of the most common times people want to hire a leadership coach are: Starting a new leadership position, trying to develop “untapped” talent without a definite structure, and learning to communicate among team members effectively. And while there are undoubtedly other times that leadership coaching may be requested, it’s generally during a transition period.

To Empower Employees

Leadership doesn’t require a prerequisite of managerial or executive role placement. The need for leadership takes place in every situation. Because the truth is, leadership is more than just being in charge. Employees can benefit from leadership training as it can teach better team dynamics, accountability, and communication skills, especially when dealing with critical decision-making. Many leadership qualities blur the lines between being in charge of others and controlling yourself. One helps the other, through and through.

When Choosing a Leadership Style

There are many different types of leaders; each has strengths and weaknesses. Learning how to have better engagement with other people is a byproduct of an effective leadership style. But no two styles are the same — some techniques won’t work for every leader. A democratic leader values choice in a decision directed by the voice of a group or company. An autocratic leader calls all of the shots and doesn’t rely on the voices of those around them during the decision-making process.

A leadership coach can help bridge the gap between when and why one style is more effective than another. They can also help to blend styles, as sometimes, the best technique is situational.

For Developing Your Leadership Presence

There are so many traits of an effective leader — how can you internalize these concepts and put them into everyday practice? Part of being a leader is making sound decisions based on logic rather than as a byproduct of emotional responses. Leadership coaching can help create the framework for decision-making and peer engagement that employees can use for the rest of their careers.

Another benefit of developing a solid leadership presence is strategic thinking. Similar to chess, sometimes, the consequences of a choice aren’t immediately apparent. And similar to a poker hand, the decision of when to go all-in or to fold must be made on the spot.

When problem-solving, it’s not always about the immediate and long-term consequences. An effective leadership coach can expose you to a new way of gauging reward potential while mitigating risk — to a degree, at least.

Does Leadership Coaching Work?

Yes. Leadership coaching is immensely beneficial to regular employees, executives, and everyone in between who is responsible for anything. It can help foster an atmosphere of confidence, success, and humility that can only be gained through years and years of first-hand experience. It teaches you how to be a better team player and when to take control — or relinquish it — depending on the situation.

It will show you the benefits of taking more accountability for your decision-making, how those choices may affect others, and how to think critically when faced with adversity.

Overall, it can help hone your current skills with a toolbox of active and passive abilities that will influence how effective you are for years to come.

Focus, Support, and Results

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