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The Ascendancy of Female Leaders

August 14, 2023
By: Patrick Bosworth in the Leadership Development category.

In the mosaic of corporate and political history, there have always been icons who’ve disrupted the status quo, breaking barriers and defying societal norms. While the tapestry was once dominated by male-centric leadership, there’s a new wave of change sweeping across the board. Today, we stand at an epoch where female leaders are not just exceptions but the heart of many groundbreaking shifts in the workplace. From boardrooms to political arenas, women are taking the helm and steering the ship towards new horizons.


A Glimpse Through Time: Women in Leadership

great female leadershipThe leadership sphere wasn’t always as inclusive or diverse as we witness today. Traditionally, many societies around the world relegated women to secondary roles, their primary identity often defined as caregivers or homemakers. While these roles are crucial and demand immense respect, the confinement of women to these roles restricted them from exploring the vast expanse of leadership opportunities.

However, a few tenacious women dared to challenge the conventions. Names like Cleopatra, who wielded unmatched power in ancient Egypt; Queen Elizabeth I, who ushered in a golden era for England; or more recently, Eleanor Roosevelt, who, though not a president herself, significantly influenced global politics, stand out. These women defied the stereotypes of their times, carving niches for themselves in predominantly male spheres.

The 20th century saw a more pronounced shift. The world wars, which necessitated women to take on roles traditionally filled by men, played a pivotal role in transforming societal views. Post-war periods further saw women not only re-entering the workforce but also gradually ascending to leadership positions. The latter half of the 20th century and the dawn of the 21st saw women battling against deep-rooted biases, wage disparities, and systemic barriers. While the strides were significant, the journey towards true equality in leadership was, and in many places continues to be, a steep uphill battle.


Charting the Surge of Women at the Helm

Females In Executive Leadership RolesIf history painted a backdrop of struggle and triumph for female leaders, the present narrates a tale of empowerment and proliferation. Today’s corporate and political landscapes bear witness to women’s increasing influence and their determination to redefine leadership norms.

To grasp the magnitude of this change, let’s consider some compelling figures. While exact numbers vary by region and industry, there’s an undeniable trend worldwide: women are occupying more C-suite positions, parliamentary seats, and board memberships than ever before. The increase is not merely incremental; in some sectors, it’s transformative. The last decade alone has seen a notable upswing in the percentage of women-led Fortune 500 companies. Meanwhile, international assemblies and local councils alike report greater female representation, signaling a broader shift in societal acceptance and acknowledgment of women’s leadership capabilities.

Moreover, this era has been graced by the presence of iconic female leaders who’ve not only achieved personal milestones but have also become beacons for millions. From tech industry giants to non-profit pioneers, from prime ministers to grassroots activists, women are leading with distinction and reshaping industries and communities.

What’s particularly heartening is that this rise isn’t confined to a specific sector or region. Whether it’s the bustling tech hubs of Silicon Valley, the political corridors of Europe, the expansive agricultural terrains of Africa, or the emerging markets of Asia, women are making their mark. Their leadership styles, often characterized by empathy, collaboration, and innovation, are adding new dimensions to organizational and political cultures.


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The Multifaceted Impact of Female Leadership

As the narrative of female leadership evolves, it’s imperative to recognize that this transformation isn’t merely about balancing gender scales. Women in leadership roles bring forth a plethora of advantages to organizations and societies. Let’s delve into these benefits and understand their profound implications.


Diversity in Decision Making

The essence of leadership lies in making decisions – and diverse leadership naturally leads to more comprehensive decision outcomes. With women at decision-making tables, there’s an infusion of varied perspectives, experiences, and approaches. This diversity often translates into policies and strategies that are holistic, encompassing the needs and insights of a broader segment of stakeholders.

Enhanced Corporate Reputation

In today’s age of information and social consciousness, corporate image matters immensely. Organizations with a balanced leadership structure are perceived as progressive, inclusive, and forward-thinking. This positive perception not only strengthens brand loyalty among consumers but also makes such companies desirable for top-tier talent seeking equitable work environments.

Improved Financial Performance

Beyond the intangibles, there’s a tangible metric that underscores the value of female leadership: financial performance. Research has consistently indicated a correlation between gender-diverse leadership and better financial returns. It seems that the collaborative, empathetic, and often risk-aware approach that many women bring can lead to sustainable business growth.

Promotion of a Holistic Work Environment

It’s observed that female leaders often place a strong emphasis on fostering work environments that prioritize mental well-being, work-life balance, and employee growth. This focus translates into workplaces where employees feel valued, motivated, and engaged, leading to higher retention rates and overall productivity.

Increased Innovation and Creativity

The age-old saying, “two heads are better than one,” is especially relevant when those heads come from diverse backgrounds. Female leaders often introduce fresh perspectives, challenging convention and sparking innovation. With their unique experiences and viewpoints, they can inspire teams to think out-of-the-box, leading to groundbreaking solutions and ideas.


It becomes evident that the rise of female leaders is not just a matter of equity; it’s a catalyst for enhanced performance, innovation, and growth. Their ascent heralds a promising future for organizations and societies ready to embrace diverse leadership.


5 Keys to Unlocking Female Leadership Potential


1. Champion Self-Advocacy

Speak Up: Elevate your voice in meetings and discussions. Your perspective is invaluable.
Take Credit: When you accomplish a task or implement a successful idea, ensure your contributions are recognized. You’ve earned it.the 5 steps to being a champion level female leader

2. Mentorship and Networking: Your Growth Catalysts

Seek Guidance: Identify role models in your field and approach them for mentorship. Their experience can guide your journey.
Build Connections: Attend seminars, webinars, and workshops. Networking can open doors to unforeseen opportunities.

3. Stay Ahead with Continuous Learning

Upgrade Regularly: Attend courses or workshops to enhance your skills and stay updated.
Read Widely: From industry news to leadership books, knowledge will always be your strongest ally.

4. Fortify Your Confidence and Resilience Quotient

Face Challenges Head-On: Every obstacle is an opportunity for growth. Embrace them.
Remember Failures are Lessons: Instead of being disheartened by setbacks, view them as stepping stones to your next achievement.

5. Be Proactive: Grab Opportunities and Lead Initiatives

Step Forward: Volunteer for projects, even if they seem daunting. They often provide the best learning experiences.
Initiate Change: If you see an area of improvement, be the person to kickstart positive changes. Leaders are, after all, trailblazers.

Remember, leadership isn’t defined by a title but by actions. Embrace these principles, and you’ll not only find yourself growing in your career but also inspiring others along the way.



In Leadership, a New Dawn Beckons

The rise of female leaders is a monumental shift marking an era of progress, innovation, and inclusive growth. As more women ascend the leadership ladder, they not only reshape industries but also redefine the very essence of leadership. While the journey has been punctuated with challenges, the narrative today is one of empowerment and opportunity. Organizations, communities, and nations stand to benefit from this enriched leadership landscape. And for all the women on the precipice of leadership, remember that your unique perspectives, insights, and abilities are invaluable.


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