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Why Train Leaders if They’re Just Going To Leave?

December 23, 2022
By: Patrick Bosworth in the Leadership Development category.

Those with decision-making powers often wonder whether it’s worth investing in leaders if they soon leave, taking their knowledge and skills to seek out new pastures.

However, what happens if you don’t train leaders? Your workforce is led by people who could be much more efficient and effective if they only had the proper training. And your leaders won’t leave — resulting in untrained staff members heading your company — if they know they’ll receive ongoing training and a good incentive package.

People aren’t always born to lead — teaching the necessary skills to create a great leader is also possible.

This article discusses why leadership training is essential for your company, even if individuals will ultimately leave.


Skilled Workforce

Investing in leadership training helps your team to develop a range of transferable skills that benefit your workplace. For example, trained leaders often make better and faster decisions, communicate effectively, have excellent problem-solving and conflict-resolution skills, and think outside the box to find innovative solutions to any issue. In addition, you’ll have the advantage of a team with a positive, can-do attitude. Furthermore, leadership training is beneficial for any team member, even those who don’t directly supervise or manage other staff members.


Company Growth

Inefficient leaders can’t motivate or train their subordinates to perform consistently at their best, meaning your company is potentially losing out on sales, connections, opportunities, and profits. On the other hand, training your leaders can result in a more dedicated and competent team, which supports the growth and success of your company.


Job Satisfaction

Vital components of job satisfaction are feeling valued, empowered, and useful. Providing training and career development is a significant way that employers can invest in their staff members, both for the company’s and the individual’s good. Employees who feel like a valuable asset to their company and can see that their managers genuinely want them to succeed are more likely to feel loyal toward their company and remain in post. Conversely, those who feel undervalued tend to seek out new opportunities eventually.


Internal Advancement

Leadership training often opens doors for people to develop and move up within the company rather than needing to look outside for promotion opportunities. This can help retain your top staff members while also ensuring that you have the right people in post for a particular job.


Turnover of Staff

Failing to train your leaders effectively can lead to a higher staff turnover. According to the Harvard Business Review, a significant cause of people quitting their jobs is not liking their superiors. Therefore, leaders who don’t have the necessary people skills to lead their workforce can directly impact the job satisfaction levels and retention rates among those they lead.


Talent Acquisition

When your company becomes known as one that actively invests in its staff members and helps people to develop, you won’t only be better placed to retain good staff; you’ll also likely find that you start attracting even more top talent. Reputation spreads, and people are naturally drawn to working for companies and managers who are known to offer opportunities and good conditions.


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